The Power of Texting in Fixing Broken Relationships

It is interesting how just a few misplaced words can break a relationship and put an end to something that probably took years to build. It is even more interesting how even fewer well placed words can bring down the highest of emotional walls and mend whatever was broken.

If you have broken up with your loved one, you understand the pain, hurt and frustration that one feels. Regardless of whose fault it was, it does not lessen the pain. Some people, in blind anger, go to the extreme in trying to get their ex back and it usually backfires. Instead of rushing to mend things, sit back and get your emotions in check. Look carefully at the relationship and decide whether you still want your ex back. In deciding this, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What led to our breakup?
  • Are we better apart or together?
  • Can the issues that drove us apart be resolved?

If you honestly answer these questions and realize that your ex is worth going after, then by all means do it.

Text your ex back

Text your ex back

Approaching an ex lover with an offer to get back together is not an easy thing. Chances are that emotions are running high and he or she does not even want to see you. There is however an easier way to do it; through text messaging.

A text message is small and powerful. It provides a chance to express one’s full emotions without fear. With the right words, you can easily win back your ex.

A course in texting your ex back

Michael Fiore, a dating psychologist has prepared a full course on how to use the power of text messaging to mend your broken relationship. The course, available at , comprises of eleven modules.
The first module is an introduction to the program. Here, learners are advised to be fully decided on whether they really want to pursue the relationship. The second module deals with the reasons why you either dumped your ex or were dumped by your ex. This helps open up the root issues in the relationship. The third module is determining your ultimate goal in pursuing the relationship. In the fourth module, you do the final flight check to ensure that this is still the right move for both of you.
The other seven modules get right into the art of texting your ex back. By the end of the course, you will have learnt how to craft your words carefully in a text message such that they strike a nerve and elicit a positive reaction such as forgiveness.